Unicorn No Bake Cheesecake



400g cashews
200g almonds
100g-200g dates
blue plant powder*
pink plant powder*
60g rice syrup
1 can coconut milk
Vanilla extract
Locust Bean Gum

*Blue powder: Blue Spirulina Pulver or Butterfly Pea Powder, I used a mixture of both by Unicorn Superfoods *

*Pink powder, for example from freezedried raspberries, strawberries or beet root. I used Antixidant Blend by Unicorn Superfoods*.


Chop the almonds very roughly with a blender or with a chipper. Pour them into a bowl. Blend the dates very fine into a sticky mass. If your dates are very juicy 100g will be enough, if they are quite dry you might need up to 200g. With your hands knead the date mass and the chopped almonds. Press this dough into a cake form, covered with parchment paper.

Add the cashews into your blender and blend them into a flour. It’s easier if you add only 100g each time. If you don’t have a high speed blender you can soak the cashews for 4-8 hours. Blend the cashew flour with rice syrup, the hardened part of the coconut milk, vanilla extract and a bit of water if necessary. If your cream is too liquid you can add 1-3 tbsp locust bean gum and blend again to get a firm texture. Divide the cream into 2 parts and add the colour powders until you have the desired color.

Pour them on top of the base and let it chill in the freezer for 3 hours. If you want to eat the cake on another day you should remove it of the freezer at least 30 minutes before you want to eat it.

If you like you can add berries or other toppings.

(*ad, not sponsored)